About Us

Changzhou qianshou construction machinery co., LTD. Is a professional company engaged in the development and application of construction machinery equipment. Products are widely used in construction, demolition, recovery, mining, forestry and other fields, and can be concrete, steel and other materials for the operation of the object.

The company adheres to the concept of "building a better world together", always focuses on creating value for customers, and maximizes productivity by providing all-round services to customers. The company all united, continuous innovation, to provide customers with high technology, high quality products and professional services, so that customers to maintain efficient productivity and market competitiveness.

The company owns two core businesses of MHA series construction machinery and HANLI crushing hammer spare parts platform.

MHA multi-hands Attachments means multi-functional and multi-faceted Hands, which is intended to enable customers to achieve multi-function with three heads and six arms, and to be competent for various challenges encountered in construction. Now the company has developed crushing pliers, steel structure scissors, car cutting scissors, lotus grasp, grasp wood, crushing hammer and other kinds of tools, has a number of independent core technology, can meet the needs of customization, personalized production. Let the customer face the construction challenge more leisurely.

HANLI crushing hammer spare parts platform, at the beginning of its establishment, positioned in the "high quality, all-round" goal, production quality first, strict control of the production process and quality of products, has passed the ISO9000 certification, CE certification, to ensure the durability and reliability of products. After more than 10 years of efforts, has formed the spare parts variety, good quality, reasonable price, safe packaging, convenient transportation, easy to place orders and other factors as one of the spare parts supply platform, to serve the majority of domestic and foreign crushing hammer counterparts.